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111 E Green St Olean, NY | (716) 373-2010

Open 7 Days a Week
7 AM - 10 PM
Packaged Meats


Best Meat Department in Olean!

A long tradition of excellence continues at Ried’s Food Barn Meat Department. For decades local families have depended on us for their everyday and special occasion fresh meat and seafood products.

We are proud of our reputation, and accept no compromises in quality. All of our store-cut meats have no added solutions or sodium — ever, no exceptions. We recognize that marinated and so-called “value added” convenience meats are increasingly popular with our customers, and we offer a good selection of those, too. But, the meats that we cut in the store are always additive-free.

We’re Best for Beef! Every beef steak and roast we cut is USDA Choice grade or better.

Our Meat cutters and staff are here every day for your special orders and special requests. Whether it’s Filet Mignon, Prime Rib, Crown Roast, Italian Sausage, Leg of Lamb, or Special Cut Veal Porterhouse, we can serve you better.

We welcome special orders: 716-373-2010
Toll free: 866-787-2010