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111 E Green St Olean, NY | (716) 373-2010

Open 7 Days a Week
7 AM - 10 PM
Baked Breads

Welcome to a Real Bakery

Welcome to a real bakery with professionally trained bakers, bread and doughnut makers. Wholesome and quality ingredients combined with our supremely qualified staff make for fresh bakery products of unequaled excellence.

From crusty European style breads and rolls to mouthwatering sweet rolls and Danish pastries, to the [voted] Best Doughnuts in Western New York, we are producing 7 days a week to guarantee you and your family absolute freshness.

Food Barn special occasion decorated cakes are a centerpiece to many birthday, wedding, anniversary and family parties. Our professional decorators view each customer’s requests and desires as unique challenges; every creation is personalized. We always guarantee that you will be satisfied and proud to serve your family and guests.

Ask about our gourmet pastry, cookie and cupcake party trays.

Decorated Cake Pricing

We love special orders: 716-373-2010
Toll free: 866-787-2010