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We’re Proud to be in Olean!


We’re proud to be in Olean!

In the 40 or so years we’ve been serving the Olean, NY area we’ve come to know the fine people, their diversity and their values and traditions. People of Olean support and watch out for their neighbors at all times, but especially when they face adversity. Not a week goes by that we don’t see our fellow Oleanders doing something generous for a citizen or family in need.

In Olean, we citizens support our friends and neighbors who are first responders in the fire departments and police forces, knowing always they are prepared to risk their lives, if necessary, to keep the rest of us safe. Our elected representatives, although we may once in a while respectfully disagree with them, serve us well without expectations of personal financial gains.

Olean is resilient for sure. As many times as we’ve been knocked down by Mother Nature or economic conditions, we’ve pulled ourselves back up, better than before. The future can never be clearly certain but most of us hope and work toward building a stronger city and area for the generations who will follow.

Ried’s Food Barn is happy to be here; happy that we are able to serve the community in any way possible.  Just as families pull together great communities do also.

And, we’re proud to be in Olean; proud to be of Olean and, as always, we’d like to know what you think, too — e-mail: info@riedsfoodbarn.com or on Facebook.

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