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Customer/Employee Enhancements part of $750,000 project

Olean, NY (September 12, 2019)  Ried’s Food Barn of Olean will undergo a significant transformation over the next two months, as changes designed to enhance the shopper experience, as well as the employee experience, are undertaken. Reconfiguration of In-store Fresh and Commercial Bakery, a new décor scheme, and new checkouts and scanners are the main “front-of-the-store” improvements. “Back room” improvements include new scales, baking and wrapping equipment and Information Technology.

From top to bottom, walls, floors, and graphics will be restyled with more contemporary earth tone colors and materials. Existing checkouts and scanners will be completely replaced with new technologically and ergonomically improved systems that will enhance both the customer and employee experience.

Baking and Cooking equipment being added to the Bakery and Deli will improve selections and quality of products, while promoting ease of use by workers. New scaling and labeling equipment in both departments, along with the Meat department, combined with back room management controls, promote accuracy and ease of use by staff.

Formerly separated, In-Store Fresh Bakery and Commercial Bakery departments will be combined in one boutique area where the existing Fresh Bakery is located, making comparison shopping for breads, rolls and pastries easier for customers. Relocation of coffee and related products will accompany this move.

Work has begun on the project and will continue over the next five to six weeks under the direction of Olean Wholesale Grocery Cooperative Store development team, Jayson Tucker, Director. Ried’s Food Barn will remain open for business throughout the project with only brief, minor inconveniences expected.

David Ried:

“We are delighted to make these considerable changes to our store. These, along with continuous improvements we have made, year after year to our facility, are all accomplished with the experience of our shoppers and employees in mind.”

 “We look forward to greeting the many families we serve with a new, fresh and modern look.”  

 Ried’s Food Barn, the Southern Tier’s largest independent supermarket, is owned and operated by Ried’s Markets, Inc., an Olean, NY corporation, David P. Ried, President, Thomas J. Vesotski, Store Manager.