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David P. Weidt 1954-2014

Let us not forget . . .



                                                                 David P. Weidt  1954 — 2014

When Ried’s Food Barn, Olean, opened in 1977, David Weidt was chosen at a young age to be store manager. David had started in our business while in school, and worked his way up using skills attained from his formal education, on-the-job training, and his own ability and intellectual curiosity. 

Any doubts about this young man’s abilities as a manager were quickly cast aside.  He used his leadership skills, putting customers and his fellow employees first, to foster a culture of excellent customer service, and dedication to the community.

David was the “face” of this business every day for 37 years — to our customers, to our suppliers, and to our employee team. He cared very much about each individual under his supervision, knowing full well that our store’s success depended on them achieving theirs.

When David Weidt retired just two years ago, his unique style had helped make Ried’s Food Barn a community asset and a formidable competitor with even the largest chains.  We were indeed fortunate and we will never forget.

On Wednesday, May 28, 2014, David’s life ended way too soon.  The outpouring of memories and condolences from friends, colleagues, and even adversaries, has been comforting.  In turn, we extend our deepest sympathy to Karen, Joseph, and the entire Weidt family. 

Ried’s Food Barn and the Ried family.