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Hectic Holidays!




Hectic Holidays!

Even though the so called "Black Friday" phenomenon is behind us, there still is a lot of hectic left in the season.   If you're like most of us there is still major shopping to do and lots of planning and scheduling as the Christmas holiday is less than four weeks away.

We are ready to serve if you are planning a party, family get-together or any combination this season.  Entertaining is a breeze when you see our Carry-Out Catering team at David's Storefront Delicatessen.  In addition to Pizza, Subs, Roast and Fried Chicken, we can supply USDA Choice Roast Beef either cold or hot for sandwiches or by itself.  Favorite to many are our party-size pans of Pasta, Meatballs or Sausage, hot and ready to serve. Convenience with taste your guests and family will enjoy.  

Don't forget; it's all perfect with fresh Bread and Rolls from our Real Bakery

Find David's Storefront Delicatessen Carry-Out Catering menu here.

It's not too early to be thinking about that Christmas Ham or Beef Roast.   We are in the process of acquiring several quality smoked hams and Choice and Prime Beef Ribs for that perfect Christmas dinner. No matter what your preference, Ham, Beef, Pork or Lamb or Seafood, we'll be delighted help you select, or to reserve your special order.

We know it's hectic.  It's hectic for us, too.  We can help take some of the hectic away. Stop in or give us a call: 716-373-2010

See you in the store,