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A “Prime” Rib

We’re Best for Beef!

Roast Beef is a traditional Christmas dinner favorite and we have many choices, Top Round, Chuck Shoulder, Sirloin Tip, but the favorite special occasion beef roast among our shoppers and friends is the “semi-boneless” Rib Roast.



Our Beef Rib Roast is something we’ve become famous for. Starting with genuine USDA Choice Beef, we cut the roast in the size desired, with the backbone and rib bones completely removed, then tie the rib bones back on for a natural roasting “rack”. This makes for effortless easy carving of individual servings.

The overwhelming majority of our Beef Rib Roasts are USDA Choice Grade, even though many of our customers (and some restaurants) inadvertently and inaccurately refer to it as “Prime Rib”. Hundreds of our regular customers come back, year after year, for the Choice Beef Rib Roast, and our sales of these increase year after year.

A few years ago, we introduced USDA Prime Grade Rib Roasts to our selection. Prime grade is one step up in quality from the better known Choice grade, and its availability is relatively scarce. Only a small percentage of Beef in the U.S. meets the requirements of USDA Prime, and it costs more. Is there a difference? Some say that Prime is nearly “butter knife tender” compared to Choice, with an almost “nutty” rich flavor. For our most discerning customers, Prime grade Rib Toast is a growing favorite.

Whether Choice or Prime, most of our Beef roasts are sold “special order”. That is to say, most people call ahead or stop in and pre-order their meats to pick up one or two days before they intend to prepare it. Our Meat Department can advise you on the perfect size cut for your party, and if you don’t have a favorite already, some cooking methods and suggestions.

Stop in. See our big selection. Visit our butchers and staff.

We LOVE special orders; 716 373-2010, outside Olean — 866 787-2010 toll free.