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 We are delighted to be a part of many families' traditions.  This week, Christian Holy Week and Jewish Passover are observed and are accompanied by family gatherings and customs with traditional foods and beverages.

For many of our shoppers this is the time for the customary Easter Ham, and we are well-prepared. We have huge selections of Semi-Boneless, Spiral-Sliced and Boneless Hams highlighted by our feature, Sugardale Classic Semi-Boneless Ham -- best price in town.

If Beef is your tradition, and it is for more than a few of us, we are featuring Choice Beef Standing Rib, Top Round, and Chuck Shoulder Roasts, all oven-ready, as well as fresh Choice Beef Brisket, center flat cut. 

If ham or beef (or Fresh Lamb, Fresh Pork or Fresh Seafood) are on your shopping list this week make it a point to see our friendly professional Meat Department.  Better still, gives a call at 716 373-2010 and your special order will be ready when you arrive. 

We found some Easter Foods info here, and Passover Foods info here.  

Plan you family's menu around our big 12 page sale flyer weekly specials here.

Thanks for letting us be part of your tradition.