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We want to be your favorite supermarket. We'd like you to enjoy your shopping trip in a store that is large enough to cater to all your needs, yet small enough to make your trip pleasant.

We Believe that Food Barn is the perfect sized store.

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It's a "Super" Week!

It's a "Super" Week!

Do you realize that today is the first Sunday since September without football? That is, unless you count something they call the "Pro Bowl". For some of us it's a relief in that, at least for one week, some of our football fan relatives will be rejoining our families.

One week from today is the Big Game, though. That means the Seahawks, the Broncos -- and you -- only have 7 days to prepare.  Put "Ried's Food Barn" at the top of your Football Party shopping list, and we'll take it from there.

In addition to many foods for your week's meal planning, our sale flyer today has a huge selection of football party foods. We have great sales on favorite beers, sodas, chips, dips, sausages, and sauces.

As sophisticated, or as simple, as you want to be, let our staff and our selection help you make game day special for you and your guests. Choose Beef Roasts, Spare Ribs or Italian Sausage from our Meat Department for you to prepare.  Or let David's Storefront Delicatessen fully prepare, hot and ready to serve.   We love special orders!   Call 716 373-2010.

Find our complete Carry Out Catering menu at for party-size deals on pizza and wings, pasta and meatballs or sausage, sandwiches or party platters. Even better, shop our fresh Produce selection for dipping veggies and fruits like Celery, Baby Carrots and Fresh Strawberries.