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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!


For many of us this is the favorite family holiday of the year.  There is something special about sharing a home-cooked meal with family and friends.  And there is no doubt that, on Thanksgiving Day, the center of attention is the family meal.

We, at Ried's Food Barn, can attest without any doubt that turkey is the protein of choice for home chefs at Thanksgiving.   As you might expect, we sell more turkeys this time of year than we do the rest of the year combined.   Also in demand are Idaho Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes (yams), Winter Squash, and fresh fruits, Apples, Grapes and even Pomegranates.

To us though, the best part of Thanksgiving is the many family traditions that continue year after year, and that are passed on to the next generation of families and future families.   We see young people learning, some for the first time, what "thankful" really means.   We observe "not so young" people discovering other families' traditions.   The recurring theme always comes back to family.

So, welcome your family and guests to your table this Thanksgiving day.   Graciously share the feast you've prepared with skill, love and care.   Most importantly, value and pass on the traditions of Thanksgiving, so they never disappear.

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving.  Remember, we are ready to serve your last-minute needs every day right up until Thanksgiving Day.



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