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We want to be your favorite supermarket. We'd like you to enjoy your shopping trip in a store that is large enough to cater to all your needs, yet small enough to make your trip pleasant.

We Believe that Food Barn is the perfect sized store.

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Happy New Year!

Welcome 2017!

Do you have a New Year's resolution? We do.

We resolve to remove confusion from price multiples.
At Ried's Food Barn:
No minimum quantities to buy unless specifically stated.

5 for $5 = $1.00 each
5 for $10 = $2.00 each
4 for $5 = $1.25 each
3 for $1 = 34¢ + 33¢+ 33¢
3 for $2 = 67¢ + 67¢ +66¢
3 for $4 = $1.34 + $1.33 + $1.33

Buy one get one free = First item [price]; second item $0.00

No limits on quantities to buy unless specifically stated.
That's pretty much the way we've always done it; just wanted to let you know that we're committed to less confusion. No "buy one -- get 2 or 3 or 4" or whatever. Just committed to keeping it simple and affordable.                                           

Happy New Year!