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111 E. Green St. Olean, NY 14760 | (716) 373-2010

We want to be your favorite supermarket. We'd like you to enjoy your shopping trip in a store that is large enough to cater to all your needs, yet small enough to make your trip pleasant.

We Believe that Food Barn is the perfect sized store.

Food Store-Olean New York -Ried's Food Barn

Total Value

Our Total Value Proposition

Our goal is to provide fresh and wholesome foods and household products in a clean, well-stocked food store with friendly, professional service at the lowest possible prices by combining:

Everyday Low Prices

comparable to, or lower than any competitors’

Weekly 12 Page Sale Flyer

hundreds of special deals in every category. Find it here.  There are always extra copies in the store.


Blue and Gold shelf temporary price reductions in our food store on hundreds of famous brands.

Shurfine Quality Products

comparable in quality to national brands, but lower priced always.

News & Announcements

A Quick Survey

We, and our partners at Saint Bonaventure Marketing Department are conducting a survey ...

Pink Days 2017!

Pink Days! Friday and Saturday were our "Pink Days", where employees were encouraged to...

Best for Beef

We're BEST for BEEF!We have the biggest, widest selection of Beef Steaks and RoastsAll ...

Entertaining Made Easy!

 Entertaining is easy with Hot and Ready-to-Serve foods from "David's Storefront D...

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2017!Do you have a New Year's resolution? We do.We resolve to remove confusion ...

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